Last Update: 31 Mar 2022


New Introduction to Advanced Materials Science III

10:25-12:10 Friday, S1 Term, Hybrid-Style Lecture: FS Hall + Zoom
担当:有馬孝尚 / Taka-hisa ARIMA

Note: If you have already taken the course "Introduction to Advanced Materials Science III", you may not register this course.

授業目標 / Objectives

Learn the fundamentals of crystallography and understand the followings:


crystal lattice, reciprocal lattice, x-ray diffraction, crystallographic point group, space group, reflection condition, crystal structure analysis

2022年度授業計画 / Schedule for 2022

オンライン講義について / About the On-line Lectures

今年度もZoomを用いたオンライン講義となります。 講義の前に、下記のWeb上の講義資料を読んでおいてください。 オンライン講義のIDやパスワードは、ITC-LMSを用いて連絡します。

The lectures are provided on line using Zoom system. ID and password are informed by ITC-LMS. Learn the note on the Web in prior to the lecture. The link is given in the following.

  1. 結晶格子、逆格子、X線回折
    Crystal Lattice, Reciprocal Lattice, X-ray Diffraction
    (8 Apr)
  2. 結晶点群と巨視的な物性
    Crystallographic Point Group and Macroscopic Physical Properties
    (15 Apr)
  3. 対称操作と空間群
    Space Group and Symmetry Operations
    (22 Apr)
  4. 回折現象の基礎:結晶構造因子と原子形状因子
    Basics of Diffraction: Structure Factor and Atomic Form Factor
    (6 May)
  5. 消滅則
    Reflection Conditions
    (13 May)
  6. International Tables for Crystallographyの利用法
    "How to Use International Tables for Crystallography"
    (20 May)
  7. X線構造解析の実際
    X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis
    (27 May)

成績評価基準 / Evaluation

レポートで評価します。 レポート問題は、毎週の講義の後半に出します。
Evaluations are based on the reports. A report problem is given at the late part in each lecture.

授業情報 / Information

Lectures will be given mainly in Japanese and partly in English. The text on the whiteboard is written in English.

予備知識 / Background Knowledge

講義を理解するために必要な知識 / Prerequisite Knowledge

あると便利な知識 / Useful Knowledge

参考書 / Reference Books