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Department of Advanced Materials Science, The University of Tokyo


Kashiwa 277-8561, Japan




Jan 2023
Mr.Watanabe's paper has been published.
Title:Magnetic-Field-Induced Antiferromagnetic?Antiferromagnetic Phase Transition in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Multiferroic Material Ba2FeSi2O7(Y. Watanabe et al., J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.)
Oct 2022
Mr.Yan joined our group.
Sep 2022
Kurumaji,and Kimura made presentations at the Autumn Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan Meeting (Tokyo Institute of Technology).
Dr. Kurumaji's paper has been published.
Title: Anisotropic magnetotransport properties coupled with spiral spin modulation in a magnetic semimetal EuZnGe (T. Kurumaji et al., Phys. Rev. Mater.)
Mr.Watanabe made a presentation at tan international conference (SCES 2022 Amsterdam), and then conducted joint research in Cologne, Germany.
Jun 2022
Dr. Gen's paper has been published.
Title:Enhancement of giant magnetoelectric effect in Ni-doped CaBaCo4O7(Phys. Rev. B)
May 2022
Dr. Gen's paper has been published.
Title: Nematicity and fractional magnetization plateaus induced by spin-lattice coupling in the classical kagome-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet(Phys. Rev. B)
Apr 2022
Mr.Iijima,Mr.Ikehara,and Mr.Nishida joined our group.
Mr.Koto joined our group.
Dr.Gen moved to RIKEN. Mr.Umimoto,Mr.Sato,Mr.Yoshida, Mr.Yanagida,Mr.Anan,and Mr.Ide left our group.
Mar 2022
Kurumaji,Watanabe,Yanagida,and Ikeda made presentations at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan Meeting (online).
Mr. Sato has succeeded in the observation of antiferromagnetic domain walls with millisecond resolution.
(T.Sato et al.,Phys. Rev. B)
Nov 2021
Professor Arima received the 2021 (67th) Nishina Memorial Prize.
Oct 2021
Assistant Prof.Kurumaji received the 16th Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan.(area 8)
Sep 2021
Gen,Umimoto,Sato,and Watanabe made presentations at the Physical Society of Japan Autumn Meeting (online).
Jun 2021
Sato made presentations at The 3nd QLC young colloquium(online).
May 2021
Magneto-Electric Directional Anisotropy in Polar Soft Ferromagnets of Two-Dimensional Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites
(GSFS Press)
(IMR Tohoku University)
Antiferromagnetic-to-ferrimagnetic phase transition with large electric-polarization change in a frustrated polar magnet CaBaCo4O7
(T.Omi et al.,Phys. Rev. B)
Arima, Umimoto,and Watanabe made presentations at QLC2021(online).
Apr 2021
Dr.Gen,Mr.Ishizaki,Mr.Anan,Mr.Ide,and Mr.Ueno joined our group.
Ms.Isogai,Mr.Araki,Mr.Omi,Mr.Yagiuchi,and Mr.Nakazawa left our group.
Mar 2021
Araki,Isogai,Sato,and Watanabe made presentations at the 76th Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan Meeting (online).
Feb 2021
Optical Hall response in spin-orbit coupled metals: Comparative study of magnetic cluster monopole, quadrupole, and toroidal orders
(T.Sato and Y.Umimoto et al.,Phys. Rev. B)
Nov 2020
Mr. Araki won the poster award at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Neutron Science.
Sep 2020
A paper was published on "Study using magnetic chromism of changes in magnetic structure in magnetic materials without reversal hearts".
(T.Sato et al.,Phys. Rev. B)
Arima, Araki, and Watanabe made presentations at the Physical Society of Japan Autumn Meeting (online).
Aug 2020
Metamagnetic transitions and magnetoelectric responses in the chiral polar helimagnet Ni2InSbO6
(Y.Araki et al.,Phys. Rev. B)
Dr.Kurumaji joined our laboratory.
Jun 2020
Motion tracking of 80-nm-size skyrmions upon directional current injections
Creating electric polarization in arbitrary three-dimensional directions by properly selecting the magnetic field orientation in Ba3Fe2O5Cl2
(N.Abe et al.,Phys. Rev. B)
May 2020
Mr.Sato discovered a special magneto-optical phenomenon that appears even with zero magnetization.
(Phys. Rev. Lett.)
[Movie](Quantum Liquid Crystals / Planned Research Group A01)
Mr.Ikeda,Mr.Kimura,and Mr.Nakazawa joined our laboratory.
Apr 2020
Dr.Abe moved to Nihon University.
Mr.Yanagida joined our laboratory.
Dr.Fujima,Mr.Nishi,Mr.Omata,Mr.Sumi,Mr.Yamamoto,Mr.Sonoyama,Mr.Shimizu,and Mr.Watanabe left our group.
Mar 2020
Alumnus Dr.Matsuura (Researcher at RIKEN CEMS / Basic Science Researcher) discovered a giant lattice softening near the quantum critical point of the transverse magnetic field Ising system.
Phys. Rev. Lett.
Prof. Arima received the 17th Honda Frontier Award.
Mr. Umimoto discovered a new mechanism of the electromagnetic effect of hexagonal ferrite.
(Phys. Rev. B Rapid Communication)
Feb 2020
Mr. Sato improved the magnetic field response of the helical magnetic material by elemental substitution.
(Phys. Rev. B Editors' Suggestion)





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